With The Fool's Errand completed, the Fool intends to return the fourteen treasures to their rightful owners, but he is bushwhacked by pirates and the treasures are stolen. This time, the Moon is his advisor, and the Fool is given the Moon’s Map to guide him through the bewitchments of the Land, which suffers from the mystical spells of Herbs, Elixir, and Wordage.

This epic tale tells of the High Priestess, the Magician, and the Book of Thoth as well as the Pirate King and a strange little fellow called the Prince. The Fool takes on the challenge with an eye out to amass a personal fortune — but will he keep it?

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Ten years in the making, the game was released October 25, 2012. Prior to that time, there was keen interest about this fool and his game.

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As you embark upon your journey into The Fool and his Money, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

The Book of Thoth remains at large.

The Egyptian God Horus (center symbol) had two sons, Ra (left eye) and Thoth (right eye).

In The Fool’s Errand, the High Priestess commanded the Eye of Ra, not the Eye of Thoth. This calls into question whether the High Priestess commanded the Book of Thoth at all.

Moreover, the Magician assured the Fool that “the Book of Thoth cannot be coerced to do anything inherently evil.” Is he telling a fib? If so, why?