Be sure to read the HELP on the Twelve Tokens screen.

Within a puzzle, always read the HELP. It is not a hint.
It is essential information to play that puzzle.

HELP = Instructions.

Ben Kimmett’s Most Excellent Guide - Volume One - details all puzzles prior to Moon's Map.

Dr. Ken’s Elixir of Helpfulness provides both Hints & Answers.

JayIsGames has a Game Walkthrough with Hints & Answers.
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The Fool and his Money Wiki posts Hints & Answers.

PAYNE is nigh impossible.

     Read the HELP. It suggests an alternate strategy.

QUINTIN - No matter what I do I cannot get anywhere.

     Read the HELP and the Story and Observe.

     A winning strategy has 100% accuracy. No guesswork.

AGAR - I am lost. Too many possibilities.

     Read the HELP. Then determine the theme of the words needed.

VOORST - I click everywhere and nothing happens.

     Read the HELP. It is waiting for you to gather 63 words.

ZACHARIAH - Whenever I leave, it resets and I lose my progress.

     That was a bug, now fixed. See Version 3.

MOON'S MAP - I entered the correct name and nothing happened.

     The final answers will not "lock" until all their puzzle elements are correctly solved.

     In The Fool's Errand, some people skipped the Sun's Map puzzles by typing in the correct
     crossword answer first.

     In The Fool and his Money, you have to solve all the supporting puzzles before an answer is
     officially recognized.

FINALE - It is open, but I cannot do anything there.

     For now, it represents the “scene of the crime” only.

     When you complete the entire game, then The Finale comes to life.

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