April 2001: David Blaine (DB) flew me to Las Vegas and decided I’m the guy to do his treasure hunt. Everything was “rush, rush, rush” for publishing in late October 2001. His partner, Bill Kalush (BK), said he would “call me.”

April 2002: BK called me. Everything was “rush, rush, rush” for publishing in late October 2002. DB started working on his book at 2451 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the home of his friend Rick Rubin.

A bit of history. DB filmed the introduction to his “Fearless” DVD there.

The DVD also contained an “easter egg” of DB practicing his “Vertigo” stunt on the roof of Rick’s home.

June 2002: DB decided to hide the treasure on Rick Rubin’s property. The three of us looked around, starting with the outside. DB strolled up to the address sign and held his arm next to it with a “Hey, Cliff, look at this.” The street address 2451 and his tattoo 174517 both contained the numbers 451. Interesting.

Then I wandered off on my own and hatched a plan which included a 70th step and the compass directions, south thirty east. They approved the idea on the spot.

How could I resist this temptation? A homage to the greatest treasure hunt film of all time.

Stanley Kramer’s 1963 classic It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.